Manifesto for Life

  1. I acknowledge the emptiness of material things; I appreciate the beautiful, and I respect and earn my tools. I acknowledge the hollowness in thinking “things” will make me happy.
  2. My life experiences, the good and the bad, enrich my life. They do not hinder it. They are the necessary frayed seams in my life tapestry, they give it depth and meaning.
  3. I am not at the mercy of my emotions. I acknowledge, respect and move through them. I am not my emotions.
  4. I express my honest, true feelings and thoughts, unapologetically. I express my opinion but recognise when it is either not needed or not helpful. Be honest, but don’t be a dick.
  5. I understand that we are all unique.
  6. My life is not to be lived in the pursuit of pleasing other people.
  7. I embrace all of my faults with open arms and accept that while I may not be able to change them, I can help them along.
  8. I will love myself fully and unashamedly.
  9. I see the value and the joy in loving others.
  10. I take each new day as an opportunity to let my inner light shine brighter than the day before, from the smallest embers to the brightest bonfire. Every day come rain or sun.