About Me

Hi there! I’m Emily or Em, or Pem, take your pick! I’m a lifestyle blogger based in Gloucester, having packed in the London life for good!


One of the main reasons I started Emily Outdoors was to overcome my anxiety of leaving the house; the biggest challenge I had faced since starting therapy and going on my “Real Self Quest”. Some days I won’t even notice it, my shoes will be on and I am out the door and ready to go before TJ has even finished his morning coffee. I am rolling natural 20’s baby! Other days I must be physically dragged out of my bedroom, I barely talk to anyone and the idea of leaving the house genuinely scares me. I wanted to start this blog as a promise to myself that I won’t be ruled by my anxieties, I’ll do more than “look outside“, I would be there IRL, living it. Because I love it, and it breaks my heart when I look back at the end of the day and realise all the beautiful things I have missed, from the sunrise to just watching ducks at the park or seeing the grass bend under the breeze.

I’ve been writing blogs on and off for nearly 8 years now, and I could never seem to stick at it, after a little while I would find it a chore, switch off, and then start again when I had the motivation, only to fall into the same cycle of stop-start.

After a series of pretty big changes in my life, I realised the issue I had with my previous blogs was my lack of authenticity. I didn’t feel like writing because I wasn’t writing what I wanted, even though I was kidding myself I was. It was just filler, and it wasn’t great content either. But, a lot of soul searching and self-exploring (sounded less dirty in my head) I truly felt like I could finally express all of the ME I could and write about the things I love; and there are a few!

Emily Outdoors (IRL) is a lifestyle and creative blog and I love writing about:

  ↟ Adventures ↟ travel ↟ Wellbeing ↟ Outdoor style ↟ Outdoor gear reviews ↟ DIY ↟ Art
↟ UK camping ↟ Food ↟ Video games ↟ Hauling my ass up Snowdon for Aug 2019
↟ and everything in-between ↟

So if you’re generally up for having a bit of a laugh and don’t mind my cringe-worthy puns and waffling, you should get on just fine here. You can keep up to date with most of my misadventures on my Instagram.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy creating it!