Skincare Overhaul 2019: Skin Saviours I’m Praying for

If you read my previous post about my blind pimples woes you might have noticed two things:

  1. My photos did not do my pimples justice. It was the best that I could do with the tools that I have and I didn’t think to write the post until after they had mildly chilled out. If they ever return in full glory, I’ll update the post with the beauties!
  2. I mentioned that in an attempt to keep my skin happier that I was going to completely overhaul everything I put on my skin. EVERYTHING.

Common sense dictated that the first thing I needed to do was look at what I was putting into my body; my diet is really balanced and healthy, but I did notice I don’t drink enough water. So I’ve upped my intake to see if it has made a difference, and will carry on taking a picture every day for the next 6 weeks to see if it makes a difference. After concluding my diet was as solid as it could be, my current skincare regime was obviously not up to scratch, and truth be told, it hadn’t been for a long while. My loved Environ products stopped working once I moved to Gloucester, so I switched to Lush which worked for a few weeks in the build-up to Christmas and then stopped abruptly around New Year. It just felt like my skin was always dirty and producing too much oil when it was simultaneously dry and itchy. Combination skin nightmare.

In tandem with my latest bout of blind pimples I’ve also stopped moisturising as much, which probably hasn’t helped in the dry skin department, I’m no longer aggressively scrubbing my pores, and after some research, I found Drunk Elephant. It seems I’ve been living under a rock because the world and they’re S.O. have heard of DE, and it was labelled on as “probably the most wanted skincare range ever” – don’t mind me while I just crawl back under my boulder.

Some umming and aahing later I purchased the Pekee Bar; a 3-in-1 bar that cleanses, tones and moisturises, that promises a clean break from toxins and the “Suspicious Six”. Marula Oil was recommended instead of a traditional moisturiser, so I opted for The Ordinary 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Marula Oil (30ml for £8.25 was a steal!). As I’ve also stopped using my Magnitone brush, I’m trialling the So Eco Konjac Face Sponge which is great as it is biodegradable, not so impressed that it came in a wadge of plastic packaging, albeit recyclable plastic packaging.

While I totally realise that I’m not going to eliminate 100% of my plastic waste with these purchases, I am trying to find better alternatives, even if that means compromising on the brands that I want to buy from. However, my new go-to for all things earth-friendly and plastic free is Plastic Freedom, a one-woman show run by Beth Noy in Southport, who is not only super-passionate about her business, she’s forever sharing her wisdom and updates on Insta HERE, and is just a pretty rad lady all around. She’s also moving into bigger premises which means more plastic-free goodness for all of us, so watch this space; you can also back her crowdfunding page HERE.

Once I’ve settled into the products I’ll follow it up with a part 2 of this series, but in the meantime, look after yourselves and have a cracking day.

P.S – If you have any suggestions for plastic-free skincare solutions let me know in the comments; I don’t like waste so won’t be throwing my purchases out the window but I would like to prep for the future!


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