Becoming *mostly* PlantBased and Kinesiology Test Results!

I’ve never felt so good and so confident about eating and cooking since I moved to Gloucester. I’ve tried and tested, I’ve zested, I’ve not burnt anything (yet) and have just got into the swing of cooking and enjoying good, healthy food. But, it has also been leaving me feeling incredibly naff; *stop here for TMI* after every meal I’m bloated, cramping and gassier than ever. But I had never been eating so well, so I passed it off as just a side effect of my brand new healthy diet.

Cue November where it was getting to the point I was getting migraines once a week and was in constant cramp pain that I thought I needed some more information, so I visited my local natural therapies clinic for an applied Kinesiology allergy test. 

What’s the verdict?

So I met my clinician, who was the nicest lady ever (she was such a Nan it was great) and she immediately made me feel at ease. We spoke about my general health and wellbeing, asked me what issues I’d been having, lifestyle questions etc, and then explained what the process entails. For those of you who may not know, Kinesiology, also know as muscle strength testing is a method of diagnosis and treatment based on the belief that various muscles are linked to particular organs and glands, and specific muscle weakness can signal distant internal problems.  To test she placed small phials of purified food and chemicals mostly on my stomach, but also on my throat and adrenal gland. I was then asked to tense my arm when prompted, to see if the muscles reacted to the phial. If it tenses you’re OK if it doesn’t then you’re insensitive/intolerant to the sample. Which was pretty bonkers, especially when you’re mustering all of your concentration to tense your arm and nothing is happening!

What did I learn?

That some of my foods are my biggest triggers. I’m bovine sensitive which means I can’t eat anything cow related or that has bovine derivatives,  I can’t eat bananas, pork, potatoes, wheat/gluten, and coffee. COFFEE. I live and breath coffee and as I had the biggest reaction to it, have had to go completely cold turkey. It’s been 8 days since my last sip. No sprouts, roast potatoes or chocolate for me this Christmas *CRIES*.

I had started a pescatarian diet just after my birthday because red meat and I have never really got on and the more I think about it, as I’ve got older I feel like I have more of a sense of responsibility in terms of where my foods/products have come from, what they have in them, where I’m sourcing from, do they contain unnecessary plastics and chemicals and toxins, are they ethical and is everyone getting a good deal out of this product in terms of fair pay, conditions and environmental impact. So, while I feel initially, I had a lot to change overnight, I had already stepped it up prior to going for the tests.

I’ve stopped using cows milk, and while the first thing I went for was to replace it with another animal product, goats milk if you were wondering, so I’ve made a really easy switch to soya. I can’t have cows cheese so until I find a good vegan alternative, I’m sticking to halloumi. It’s pretty easy to substitute in the first instance because I’m not expecting my whole diet and lifestyle to change overnight.

One reason being is that as much as TJ would totally go the whole hog with me, he doesn’t need to so I’m not going to stop buying meat and potatoes just because I can’t eat them, and if at some point he changes his mind, great stuff, I’ll consider it a small victory even if I get his meat consumption down to 2 nights a week. The second reason, I’m on a budget so I can’t just afford to go all in straight away so there will be some trial and error on that front.

In 4 weeks I’ll be going back for a re-assessment and to track progress and after that, I’m booked in for a post-Christmas Colonic Hydrotherapy session. But that’s a TMIT for another day! 

For more information on Kinesiology see the links below!

Please Note: All views are my own and I do not have a medical background. Consult your GP for further advice.

Please also note: I don’t want to bandy specific labels around here at all. I realise that I’m not vegan so I wouldn’t begin to describe myself as a dietary-vegan. But I would, now that I can comfortably say that I’m vegetarian, that I am plant-based. The last thing I want to do is make wild claims that I’m something when I’m not, I’m a plant-based work in progress if anything!


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