8 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

8 ThingsYou Probably Don't Know

Aside from my blatant disregard of financial stability and my devil-may-care attitude towards moving my life on a whim, and my more than the obvious love of anything with the word biscuit in it, let’s get to know each other a little bit better. Here are 8 things about me, I would love to hear more about you, so plonk a little titbit about yourself in the comments too!

  1.  I have 3 tattoos:  On my left wrist, I have the (unfinished) Awen symbol, which I had done the summer after my 18th birthday, in Cardigan Ink. On my right wrist, I have an illustration of Smaug from The Hobbit, and on my sternum, I have an incredible piece of sacred geometry. It’s a star tetrahedron inside a lotus mandala, which encompasses the flower of life geometric pattern in its petals; both of these were done by Vince at Richmond Tattoo Studio.
  2. I suck at swimming: I’m a really poor swimmer, and I even struggle to float – I blame the booty personally.
  3. I’m an OBOD initiate: I joined the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids in August and am currently studying the Bardic grade. It’s the spirituality that I’ve always known but looked for in life for a long time, and it appeared back to me at a time when I needed it most. FYI there is no group sex in the woods or nudity of any kind, for the peeps who keep on asking me…unless that’s your thing in which case, yeah, there probably is.
  4. I’m a tart for a job: To this day, I have had 22 jobs in nearly 12 years. From waitress to Auditor to Dog Walker, I can confidently say I’m a Jack of All Trades.
  5. Stationery hoarders: My name is Emily and I have an unhealthy habit of purchasing ALL THE STATIONERY. I have a particular penchant for notebooks and a good pen; definitely not ones from banks.
  6. Not-so-cunning linguist: Since I left school I’ve barely spoken any Welsh, and I used to be fluent with what had been a lovely lilting Pembrokeshire accent. It’s now since been replaced with a strained, cringeworthy Anglicanised (no offence) one, but I am trying to get my lingo-mojo back!
  7. More hairstyles than socks: I’ve always really struggled with nailing a hairstyle/colour that was perfect for me. I’m always changing colours, trying new styles, but will quite happily rock the #pixielife until the end of time. I have found a great new hairdresser who is hopefully going to work some magic to my tresses in October!
  8. Gamer4lyfe: I’m on the lookout for a #5, but my top 4 favourite games of all time (in no particular order) are Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Red Dead Redemption, Stardew Valley and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.


Now it’s your turn! Share something about yourself, and have a totally tip-top Tuesday evening!

Big Love, Emily