How Do You Fitness? Getting Back Into Exercise with 4 Apps


I wish I was lying when I say that I have done no consistent exercise since I left school; realistically since I finished my GCSE’s. That’s a whopping 10 years ago.

I know, I should be ashamed, I am ashamed. But, I’ve never really enjoyed “exercise” as such, because I’ve always associated it with Phys. Ed at school. When you’re a 5-foot klutz with about as much coordination as a sleep-deprived sloth, the choice of Hockey, Netball, Touch Rugby or Long Distance Running never appealed to me. They were all so soul-crushingly dull to me I would rather have cleaned out the school kitchen food traps – my ultimate Kryptonite. I enjoyed cycling and walking, but they weren’t really considered sports, and I was never encouraged to do a sport at home, so I have up until now been blissfully riding the high-metabolism train hard. Considering I’m nearly 27 years old, I figured I wasn’t “fat” so I wasn’t unhealthy.

That was until about 8 months ago. My knees were shot, my skin condition was actual garbage, and when I was sitting cross-legged in the sun a few weeks ago I was shocked at quite how noticeable my cellulite had become, i.e I now had it and was freaking out. It was upsetting because I have a great relationship with my self and how I look and as I was out of breath from running downstairs to get yet another parcel from Amazon, I started to scrutinize everything. I had to do something about it. So I hiked up my short shorts, hands on my hips and boldly claimed to the whole house that:

“I, Emily Kate, will start to exercise”

Nobody was in so it was a bit redundant, but I’m sure the neighbours heard me and that made me accountable for doing something with my dwindling fitness and vastly expanding derrière. I was feeling good until I realised it might actually mean breaking a sweat, doing something physical and actually leave the house. Which is a breeze some days, others not so much.  Cue a very sweet conversation with my Dad and his reaction to fitness apps.

That’s the most 21st century thing I’ve ever heard” chuckles Papa Sherwood

I realise that they have been around for ages, but it hadn’t occurred to me to actually download and use one. The idea of being in a gym thoroughly puts me off and I was really struggling to find classes I could get to in my area, so it was a no-brainer. With Autumn creeping up on us I figured having an arsenal of all-weather fitness solutions would help me out in the long run. Considering I’m a total beginner, with the fitness level of an actual potato I have found these 4 apps and I am really enjoying them!

Daily Yoga – $9.99 per month / $39.99 per year – Silver Membership
$19.99 per month / $69.99 per year – Gold Membership

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  • Motivates you to use the app in a non-competitive way
  • A huge community of yogis for you to interact with
  • Has a guided meditation and music section
  • Earn coins by using the app daily. You can then use them to redeem coupons to be used in-app!
  • The interface is user friendly and easy to navigate
  • Take the fitness test and see what workouts they can recommend for you. Just make sure you answer honestly!
  • I’ve started with the 2 Week Beginner class and I’m really enjoying it.
  • A lot of content if you don’t mind paying for it but you do get 1 week for free!

Sworkit – £27.99 every 3 months, £73.99 per year
1 month free trial

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  • Lots of variety in terms of workouts
  • 1st month is free
  • I’m starting with the Absolute Beginners 6 Week Course
  • Choose from four fitness modes: Strength, Cardio, Yoga, and Stretching
  • Customise your own targeted workouts
  • Exercise list: a compendium of how to videos for individual workouts. If you don’t know how to do a certain pose or just want to practice it, you can find it here
  • The workout videos have a countdown timer for each individual workout including a countdown to the next one with a 3-5 second preview of the next move
  • Set daily workout reminders
  • Ask a trainer – send emails to a Sworkit Personal Trainer, ask questions, request advice etc.

7 Minute Chi – Free-ish
Relax – Free | Wake Up – $1.99 | Sleep Well $1.99

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  • I do this before bed as I find it a perfect way to release any tension in my body and sets me up for a great nights sleep
  • Guided and timed
  • Great way to relax when you are strapped for time
  • Recommended as a stress buster by my Doctor!
  • It’s quite limited as there are only 3 modes to choose from, but as I am yet to find a good YouTube channel or other apps in the UK, I am using this one
  • Jazzy blue silk uniform optional


Tingles ASMR – Free to use
My subscriptions: ASMR Rooms Gold + Premium £6.99 per month or ASMR Rooms Gold £4.99

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  • Android and IOS compatible
  • (IMHO) the best ASMR app on the current market
  • Curated trigger playlists, if you can think it, there’s probably a trigger for it!
  • Did I mention it’s AD FREE!!!
  • Sleep Timer
  • Listen in the background with screen off, or while using other apps
  • Videos can be downloaded for tingles on the go
  • It’s a great way to support your favourite ASMR artist

My personal favourite is ASMR-Rooms with her Harry Potter-inspired playlists, perfect for the Potterhead in your life.

Totally cheeky of me, but my secret #5 is Calm. When I’m finding myself in a storm of anxiety or I can feel a PA coming on, I can turn to Calm for comfort and clarity. I love the daily Calm sessions and I can thoroughly recommend 7 Days of Calming Anxiety, it’s really helped!

So, if you are embarking on a brand new fitness journey, please do hit me up with any tips and hints, or if there are any apps that you use that you want to share with me please do! If you’re on Insta use the hashtag #fitnessinreallife so I can find you!

Have a great one!

Emily, x